• Cool dimmable sconce in copper or brass inspired by industrial design
  • Funny dimmable wall lamp in loft style restaurant
  • Creative design sconce with knob dimmer
  • Pipe guy copper sconce with knob dimmer and two lights
  • Industrial design gym guy sconce in copper or brass

A member of the Homino family. Weightlifter trying his best to handle all the light. You can help him by turning the dimming knob and making the light little lighter. The colorful knob can be changed easily, so we encourage you to set your imagination free and try as many colors as you like – you can order knobs separately and change them by yourself whenever you like.

To read further about our wide selection of finishes, materials, colors and bulbs, please go to the Guidebook section on our site.

Make sure to watch the MOVIE about how our special dimmers work!


• Lead Time: up to 6 weeks
• Dimensions: 42 W x 22 D x 47 H cm / 16.5 W x 8.5 D x 18.5 H inch
• Materials: copper
• Bulbs Compatibility: Incandescent, halogen or dimmable LED
• Bulbs are not included

298 $
    For more information see GUIDEBOOK
    For more information see GUIDEBOOK
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