• Black geometric coffee table inspired by brutalist design
  • Handmade ceramic tiles table top inspired by the night sky
  • Modern coffee table with ceramic top inspired by conceptual design
  • Futuristic design coffee table inspired by the Orion belt
  • Triangular coffee table inspired by brutalist design
  • Designers coffee table in modern minimalist apartment

Have you ever looked into the sky in the middle of the night and saw three bright stars lined up almost perfectly? That’s the Orion belt. The Egyptian Pyramids where built on the plan of those stars, and now you can have them on your coffee table, in aluminum triangles shining out of the handmade tiles sky.


• Lead Time: up to 12 weeks
• Dimensions: 110 W x 64 D x 38 H cm / 43.5 W x 25 D x 15 H inch
• Materials: carbon steel, ceramic tiles, aluminum

1.661 $
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