Pure Copper

Pure, raw copper is a very warm and shiny metal. Its colors range from light pink, pink, dark pink, through light orange, orange, dark orange, red, till brown and dark brown. It changes through time due to its reactive nature – its surface oxidizes fast and easy – touching it or washing it makes this process even faster. A thin, oxidized layer on copper surface is called patina and the most popular colors of copper patinas are brown, green, turquoise and black.

Natural patina that develops on copper due to human touch or weather conditions is most often brown or dark brown. It can be removed easily with a sponge soaked in a mixture of citric acid and salt. After washing off the patina, wash the lamp again with a wet, cold cloth and the lamp would look like new – shiny and pink. Make sure that the lamp is not plugged into electric socket and that the sponge and cloth are squeezed properly.

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