Waxed Walnut

With respect to the real human craftsmanship, for all our furniture we only use highest quality, long seasoned, solid wood. Traditional carpentry has always amazed us, with its naturalness and great respect to material and its limits. Solid wood is demanding, needs specific conditions, may have some imperfections, but gives a vast satisfaction of possessing something solid, natural, true and real.

However, please keep in mind that solid wood may sometimes be sensitive to alterations in temperature and humidity, so to avoid cracks, fissures or fractures try to keep the storage conditions stable and on average level.

Waxed Walnut – natural solid American Walnut. Its color ranges from dark chocolate brown, dull brown, through light brown, burgundy, to cherish- and purplish-brown. Walnut timber is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a very smooth finish. Seasoned and waxed with traditional beeswax furniture polish – giving it pleasant, warm, natural tint and smooth surface.

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