Bulbs are indispensable and essential part of our lamps. We use only high quality, long-lasting, low wattage decorative bulbs that underline otherworldliness and industrial feel of our projects. Either they are old-fashioned Edison/Tesla style bulbs or opal, white glass, big globe bulbs, they give candle-like, warm, soft and cozy light that set the mood of a place or interior instantly. All our incandescent, opal and LED dimmable bulbs work properly with all our dimmers. Only normal LED bulbs are not suitable for lamps with dimmers, because they were designed in old LED technology. Nevertheless, they can be used for all our ceiling lamps, some wall lamps and other – as long as they don’t have a dimmer.

For lamps with dimmers we use special high-quality LED dimmable bulbs – they were all tested in our lamps and they work perfectly. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any other LED bulbs would also work with our dimmers, or that our LED dimmable bulbs would work properly with any other dimmer (but they probably would).

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