Our story

We, the People behind Zapalgo, started a small lighting company in 2013. Now after 4 years we offer lamps, furniture and accessories. As for lighting, we believe in one simple rule – where there’s a pipe, there’s a lamp. We love to play with styles, allusions and inspirations. Quotes, borrowings and tributes. Everything that brings fun, joy and happiness to us and our customers.

We don’t like: hollow embellishments – so every detail in our design is fully operational. We like: things, so we try to create objects that are timeless and can be treasured for a lifetime. Hand made to order, fully customized, true and real. We love: copper. A mystical metal of infinite faces. Always changing, warm, colorful and generous. When you give it a little love, it always gives a lot more back.

With a profound understanding of natural materials, and special attention to detail, we aim to create a high-quality, original interior designs, that are not only functional, but whose form brings excitement, fascination, gladness and delight. As for furniture and all other things - the same.

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