• Designer table lamp made of plexi and copper inspired by 80's futuristic art and modern indurtial style
  • Unique dimmable table lamp made of colorful plexi and copper pipes inspired by conceptual design
  • Colorful conosle lamp with touch dimmer made of fluorescent plexiglas and copper pipes
  • Modern design table lamp made of colorful plexi glass and copper pipes inspired by pop art style
  • Designer lighting tabel lamp in colorful plexiglas and copper pipes inspired by modern fun art
  • Decorative fluorescent plexiglass in unique table lamp inspired by industrial and loft design
  • Creative design table lamp in trendy copper color inspired by 80's art in millenial pink apartment
  • Cool designer lighting table lamp made of copper pipes and plexi glass inspired by industrial design
  • Contemporary ighting design made of fluorescent plexiglass and copper pipes with touch dimmer
  • Sculpture table lamp inspired by 80's colorful plastic design and modern industrial style

Pompido is about connection and dialogue. Copper pipes connect and hold special fluorescent plexiglass walls just like past connects and builds the future foundations. It is a dialogue between loft, industrial chill and plastic, colorful pop-art excess. From this uncommon merger evolved something new and truly beautiful – an eccentric, sculpture-like touch dimmable lamp. We use special fluorescent plexiglass – it gathers the light from all over the flat surface and releases it on its thick edges, making them shine like there was an independent light source inside them. Thanks to the inbuilt touch dimmer, the whole copper pipes structure is operational. You can touch and hold any part of the copper body to turn the light on, dim it and turn it off.

To read further about our wide selection of finishes, materials, colors and bulbs, please go to the Guidebook section on our site.

Make sure to watch the MOVIE about how our special dimmers work!


• Lead Time: up to 6 weeks
• Dimensions: 23 W x 23 D x 40 H cm / 9 W x 9 D x 15.5 H inch
• Materials: copper, fluorescent plexiglass
• Power switch: touch dimmer
• Bulbs Compatibility: Incandescent, halogen or dimmable LED
• Bulbs are not included

341 $
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