• Brutalist design drink cabinet in modern men's apartment
  • Large bar cabinet with brass doors inspired by brutalism style
  • Industrial drink cabinet with Edison bulb
  • Copper doors of the brutalist bar cabinet
  • Designers bar cabinet inspired by brutalist architecture
  • Machine screws base of the brutalist bar cabinet
  • Hexagonal drink cabinet made of solid wood and brass
  • Hexagonal bar cabinet made of solid wood and metal
  • Copper and solid wood drink cabinet interior
  • Massive copper doors of the drink cabinet
  • Copper and wood bar cabinet interior
  • Zapalgo logo inside copper drink cabinet
  • Copper and wood drink cabinet inspired by brutalist design

Designed and built by an unknown civilization, this outer space drinks cabinet has just landed successfully. Brute, solid, hexagonal block on four machine trapezoid spindles – everything made of raw, pure materials – solid wood, thick copper plates and iron. Out of this world, but true and real. In order to decrease shipping cost, we send Celo partly deconstructed. It may require some basic assembly, but we made sure the instructions are clear and assembly is easy and fast.

To read further about our wide selection of solid wood and copper finishes, please go to the Guidebook section on our site.


• Lead Time: up to 12 weeks
• Dimensions: 87 W x 50 D x 170 H cm / 34.5 W x 19.5 D x 67 H inch
• Materials: copper, solid wood, carbon steel
• Bulbs Compatibility: Incadescent, halogen or LED
• Bulbs are not included

5.583 $
    For more information see GUIDEBOOK
    For more information see GUIDEBOOK
    For more information see GUIDEBOOK
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