Our story

We, the People behind Zapalgo, started our independent design studio in the year 2013. After 5 years of exhibiting our products on numerous design festivals around the world we can say that we do what we love. We make lamps, furniture and accessories in our own distinctive, uncompromising and recognizable style.

When designing new collections, we love to mix styles, allusions and inspirations. We quote, borrow from and make tributes to art styles of the past, wherein always adding a pinch of industrial feel to it. All that brings joy and happiness to us and our customers that know us for years.

During this 5 years a lot have changed. But one thing remains the same - each Zapalgo product is hand-made to order with a wide selection of finishes to choose from. It is our fixed idea. Something we will never let go. A high quality and personalization of our designs, so that each one can be given a very individual character. 

We don’t like: hollow embellishments – so every detail in our design is fully operational. 

We like: industrial objects and simply -  things - so we try to create products that are timeless and can be treasured for a lifetime.

We love: copper. A mystical metal of infinite faces. Always changing, warm, colorful and generous. When you give it a little love, it always gives a lot more back. 

By working with best polish craftsmen and metalworkers over the years, knowing them and their abilities to the fullest, we can offer true artistry and ingenuity at a fair price and of best quality. We stay true to the idea of upcycling and being environmentally friendly, we pay homage to traditional crafts and art. 

With a profound understanding of natural materials, and special attention to detail, we aim to create a high-quality, original interior designs, that are not only functional, but whose form brings excitement, fascination, gladness and delight.


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