Brass – rich, suggestive and bold. Elegant and old-fashioned, but looks good in modern and contemporary interiors as well. Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc, a mixture known since the dawn of history.

Brass changes with time due to its reactive nature – its surface oxidizes fast and easy, developing a thin layer called patina. Colors of patina range from dark yellow, light orange, dark orange, red, green, turquoise, till brown, dark brown and black. Most popular patina that develops on brass due to human touch or moisture is usually brown, dark brown or greenish.

If you wish to have your brass product stay shiny and clean no matter what, we recommend choosing the ‘VARNISHED BRASS’ finish. A thin layer of varnish is hardly visible, but lets the brass surface stay bright all the time.

On the other hand, if you wish to see your brass product age with time, getting some visible signs of touch and use, you can choose the ‘RAW BRASS’ finish. When the surface gets too dark for you, you can always clean it with a special liquids and soft tissue for copper or brass cleaning. After washing off the patina, wash the surface again with a wet, cold cloth to make it look like new – shiny and goldish. When cleaning a metal lamp, make sure that it is not plugged into electric mains and that the sponge and cloth are squeezed properly. Be very careful not to moisture the electric wiring and bulb socket.


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